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Project Linus is a non-profit organization, dedicated to "Providing Security Through Blankets," for ill or traumatized children and teens. Inspired by a picture of a three-year-old cancer patient holding her security blanket, Project Linus was begun in 1995 by Karen Loucks. Nationally, Project Linus has donated more than 5 million handmade blankets to help comfort children in need in hospitals, shelters, and hospices. Project Linus has 368 chapters in the United States. Project Linus was named after the adorable security blanket toting character from the Peanuts comic strip.

The Project Linus national website has a great listing of patterns for you to use.

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Many of you are interested in helping out with Project Linus, but don't want to sew or have the time.  That's okay, you can still help our non-profit organization.  We are in desperate need of baby flannel to make NICU blankets for the preemies in our local hospitals.  If you can, purchase 1-1/4 yard lengths of baby flannel at a local fabric store and it can be dropped off at any of the drop off locations listed below.  Make sure you put your name and address inside the bag so we can send you a thank you note to be used for tax purposes.  If that is too much work, please consider a gift card to a local fabric store so that we can have some of our volunteers that sew make the flannel blankets.  We donate about 90 of these every month!  That is over 1,000 of these special blankets every year. 


Our chapter relies on volunteerism and donations.  Volunteers may donate time on their own by making blankets in their home or by coming to planned Make a Blanket Days.  Volunteers are also needed to help at Make a Blanket Days, label and inspect donated blankets, and help at delivering blankets to the organizations and hospitals. 

Donations may be handmade blankets, fabric, gift cards to fabric stores, monetary donations, or tools and equipment for sewing.  In addition to the costs of fabric to make close to 6,000 blankets each year, we have expenses such as postage, satin labels, which are required by our National Headquarters and placed on each and every blanket, paper hang tags and paper labels.  Any and all donations and time are greatly appreciated!   


We welcome Delores Madigan as the new coordinator for the Madison Area Chapter.  Delores coordinates the Madison Area Chapter. Over 59,645 blankets have been donated through the Madison Area Chapter to children in Wisconsin.  Our chapter tries to donate 500 blankets each month.  

An article appeared in the November 13, 1998 edition of The Capital Times about Project Linus. To quote Mary Kaminski, child life director at American Family Children's Hospital,

It's great to see the kids' faces when they pick out a blanket. These blankets give them comfort, a sense of worth, both physically and emotionally. Having them made by someone is a big factor. They realize the time it took. It's kind of like bringing someone who is ill homemade chicken soup instead of buying a can. It makes the parents feel that the kids are being cared for.

                                                                   Delivery Team August, 2010

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Many schools, churches and other organizations sponsor a Make a Blanket Day.  The organization "budgets" for this and members purchase fabric to make into blankets on behalf of the organization.  Members from the Project Linus Chapter are happy to help with the event.  We suggest that making "no sew" fleece blankets is a great way to get many people involved, as there is no sewing, just cutting the fringe and tying the blankets. 


EDGEWOOD COLLEGE MABD - will be hosting a fleece blanket making afternoon on August 23, 2015 from 1 until 3:00 p.m.  Incoming freshmen will have a chance to meet fellow students while making blankets for children in need.  This is the 6th year they have been hosting this event.

COVENANT PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH - Will host their 6th annual Make a Blanket Day on Sunday, November 8.  The congregation will make no sew fleece blankets while enjoying time with fellow members and staff.  Join us from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. for this event.

If your organization is interested in sponsoring a Make A Blanket Day, please contact Delores Madigan at 608-798-2343 or e-mail: info@projectlinus-madison.org.        

No sew, single layer fleece blankets will be made during this event.  We are asking that everyone brings 2 pieces of 1-1/2 yard lengths of printed fleece fabric (enough to make 2 blankets per person).


On Thursday, June 26, 2014 this article appeared in the New Glarus paper about one of our outstanding quilters.  To read the article, click here.

On Sunday, September 13, 2015, a group of 15 people met at the FireFly Coffee Shop in Oregon to tie no-sew fleece blankets.  This was part of St. John’s Church community service day.   56 blankets were completed.  A big thank you to those who attended.

MAJOR CONTRIBUTORS - A special thank you to the following companies and individuals who helped support our chapter.
FISKARS, Madison, WI  - 2014 - Rotary blades and scissors
June Tailor Company - donation of 3 large rotary cutting mats

Blankets should be homemade of all-new washable materials (Do not use any recycled materials or wool.) in child or teen-friendly colors or prints. About 45” by 60” is our most needed blanket size, but blankets of many sizes are useful. Blankets should be at least 36" by 36" for infants, 45" by 45" and 45" by 60" for older kids, up to a maximum of about 54" by 72". Blankets may be knitted, crocheted, fleece or quilted. For fringed fleece blankets, it is best to start with a 1-1/2 yard length of 60-inch wide fleece. "Minky" fleece is not easy to work with, so please do not use this for no-sew fleece blankets.

If you would like to make blankets for Madison's Neonatal Intensive Care Units, please contact Delores by phone or email (see Contact Us section below) for instructions or click here for a .PDF version.

Single Layer No-Sew Fleece Blanket instructions click here  See additional tips below

ONE YARD IS TOO SMALL - Please purchase 1-1/2 yards to make a blanket. 
- Our chapter needs the single layer fringed blankets.  Save $$ and create 2 single layer blankets for the cost of 1 double.
- These are the curly long sides, thick, rough looking with tiny holes and print.  They are not part of the blanket panel.
USE SHARP SCISSORS - Cut fringe from 1/2" to 1" wide - the wider the fringe the harder to tie.

For more blanket-making tips, suggestions and ideas, click here.

Project Linus volunteers sew a satin Project Linus label on each blanket before it is given to a child.

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WHERE TO DONATE YOUR BLANKETS (be sure you put your name, address and phone number inside each bag you drop off so a "thank you" may be sent to you)

Drop off blankets in Madison from 8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. daily at these Madison Fire Stations ONLY:
421 Grand Canyon Drive
1517 Troy Drive

Other drop-off locations for Madison :
Prudential Community Realty 2001 W. Beltline Hwy, Suite 202, weekdays 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
M & R Sewing and Vacuum, during store hours. 6115 Odana Road.
The Electric Needle, during store hours. 
6612 Odana Road @ Market Square, Madison, WI 53719

Drop off blankets in Middleton from 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. weekdays at the Middleton Fire Department offices, 7600 University Avenue (University Avenue at the Beltline)

Drop off blankets in Sun Prairie from 8:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. weekdays (Saturdays by chance) at the Sun Prairie Fire Department 122 North Bristol Street. If you have questions, contact: Angela at (608) 837-5066
OR: Drop off blankets at Prudential Community Realty (American Realtors), weekdays 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., 106 West Main. Phone (608) 347-2647.

Drop off blankets in Fitchburg from 8:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. weekdays at Fitchburg Fire Station #2, 5415 King James Way (off of Verona Road, near the intersection of King James Way and Kapec Road).

Drop off blankets in Oregon during hours of operation - Oregon Senior Center, 219 Park St..

          Drop off blankets in Stoughton at the Stoughton Senior Center between 9 am and 5 pm. 


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Each month we deliver handmade blankets to children hospitalized at American Family Children's Hospital, St. Mary's-Madison, and Meriter. The children and their families are always deeply touched by the obvious love and the spirit of generosity with which these blankets were made. Madison-Area Project Linus also donates blankets to Ronald McDonald House, Interfaith Hospitality Network, Domestic Abuse Intervention Services, Dane County Human Services, Middleton Outreach Ministry (MOM) and many other area agencies.

Donated Blankets

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For questions about the Madison Chapter of Project Linus, contact Delores at 608-798-2343 or

 Thank you for helping Project Linus help comfort kids!


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